A product Photographer Providing Affordable Product Photography

A simple pricing structure

I am currently charging 2.5$ per edited photo. With a minimum of 10$ per order. We are not doing extravagant setups and prices accordingly. The majority of small brands do not have the budget for top-end product marketing.

Providing professional grade photos with pro equipment

I use a Sony A7 IZ to provide crisp and clean photos of your products, and I capture fine details with a Sony 85MM macro lens. Able to capture both fine pictures and video. You have a choice between white, black, and orange backgrounds. 

Do you return the products?

Yes, but you are responsible for providing a return label with the USPS. Only priority mail return labels will be accepted. If the item is high value, we recommend that your shipping insurance cover the package. High-value returned items might be delayed because we will only drop them off at USPS to help reduce the chance of loss. All other items will be scheduled to be picked up with USPS.


We are US based

We are located in Maryland and provide quick turnaround for your products. This can limit returns outside of the US. Please inquire about anything being returned internationally or requiring a signature for pickup.