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Why Do You Need Photography Services In Baltimore, MD

Being the 30th most populous city in the US, Baltimore is home to many small businesses. 

In fact, the city is ranked 13th among large U.S. metros for its dependence on small businesses.

So, how will you make your business stand out in this highly competitive market?

With the help of high-quality photographs!

Research shows that,

  • 75% of online shoppers use product photos to decide purchases.
  • Good product photos lead to nearly double the sales of lower-quality ones.
  • Product pages with photos get nearly double the natural website traffic of pages without.
  • 9 out of 10 online shoppers say photo quality is the most important factor for online purchases.

So, if you want to grow your local or online business in Baltimore, MD, contact us for photography services. 

About Kosch’s Real Estate Photography

Kosch’s Real Estate Photography – your one-stop solution for all commercial photography needs in Baltimore, MD.

We specialize in capturing beautiful pictures that truly showcase the essence of your property or products. Whether it’s a cozy home, a construction site, or your business products, we focus on highlighting the details to attract more customers. 

We serve Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas including Towson, Canton, Federal Hill, Parkville, and more. No project is too big or too small for us!

With our experience and dedication to quality work, we strive to exceed your expectations. Let us create stunning pictures that grab attention and help you achieve your business goals.

Our Specialized Photography Services

While anyone can take a few pictures and adjust filters and lighting, the truth is that specialized photography will take everything to another level.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

  • We offer: High-quality photography services specifically for homes, apartments, and commercial properties.
  • What it covers: Our skilled photographers capture both indoor and outdoor shots to showcase the best features and atmosphere of your property.
  • Who can use it: Real estate agents, property owners, and businesses looking to sell or rent their properties.
  • How it helps: Our photos attract more interested buyers or renters by presenting properties in an appealing and engaging way.

Aerial Photography

  • We offer: Stunning aerial photography using drones to capture unique perspectives from above.
  • What it covers: Our drone shots showcase properties, landscapes, or events from an impressive aerial viewpoint.
  • Who can use it: Real estate professionals, event organizers, and businesses seeking eye-catching aerial images.
  • How it helps: Aerial photography provides captivating views that highlight property locations or event settings, making them more attractive to potential clients or attendees.
Aerial Photography
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Air B&B Photography

  • We offer: Professional photography services tailored for vacation rental listings on platforms like Airbnb.
  • What it covers: We capture inviting images of rental properties inside and out to attract potential guests.
  • Who can use it: Property owners or managers listing their spaces on Airbnb or similar platforms.
  • How it helps: Our photos enhance the appeal of vacation rentals, leading to increased bookings and higher rental income.

Construction Before And After

  • We offer: Documentation of construction progress and project transformations through photography.
  • What it covers: Our photographers capture images before and after construction or renovation to showcase the evolution and success of projects.
  • Who can use it: Construction companies, contractors, and property developers documenting their work.
  • How it helps: Visual documentation allows stakeholders to track progress and highlight completed projects effectively.
Construction Before And After
Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

  • We offer: Professional photography services focusing on buildings, structures, and architectural details.
  • What it covers: Our photos highlight the design aesthetics and unique elements of architectural projects.
  • Who can use it: Architects, designers, and real estate professionals showcasing their work.
  • How it helps: Our photos present architectural designs in a visually compelling manner, aiding in marketing and portfolio development.

Product Photography

  • We offer: High-quality product photography services for marketing and e-commerce purposes.
  • What it covers: We create appealing images of products to showcase their features and qualities.
  • Who can use it: Businesses selling products online or in catalogs.
  • How it helps: Our product photos increase sales by attracting potential customers and effectively conveying product details and benefits.
Product Photography

Our specialized photography services cater to various needs across industries, helping clients effectively showcase their properties, projects, or products to achieve their objectives.

Why Use Our Photography Services?

Whether you need real estate photography or product photography in Baltimore, MD, here are some reasons why so many people trust us with their projects. 

Latest Technology

We rely on professional quadcopter drones equipped with advanced features for stability and high-quality footage. Our drones capture stunning aerial views that highlight property features and surroundings.

High Definition Cameras

Our cameras are capable of capturing high-definition images, even from a distance, to showcase intricate details of properties or products. We use the latest technology to ensure exceptional results that stand out.

Low-Cost Investment

Our photography services in Baltimore, MD, promise increased viewings and interest in your listings, especially for real estate or construction projects. Compared to the potential benefits, our services offer a cost-effective solution that can quickly pay for itself with just one customer.

Excellent Return On Investment

When your listings or projects are visually outstanding, they naturally attract more attention from potential clients. Our tailored photography packages are designed to provide an excellent return on investment by improving visibility and generating interest.

Accessible Solutions

We don’t compromise on quality to offer accessible photography solutions. The pictures you get will stand out and draw attention to your listing or portfolio straight away.

Expertise in Visual Presentation

With our expertise in angles, lighting, and composition, we excel at showcasing the assets and features of properties. This ensures that properties are presented in the best possible way to attract potential buyers or clients.

Years of Experience

With our extensive experience in commercial photography, we have a deep understanding of the unique requirements of various industries and projects.

Specialization in Various Commercial Photography Types

We specialize in real estate photography, product photography, architectural photography, and more, catering to diverse business needs with tailored solutions.

Wide Coverage in Maryland

We cover 8 locations in Maryland, including Baltimore, providing convenient access to our photography services throughout the region.

Easy Consultation and Price Quotes

You can easily contact us for consultation and price quotes. We offer a straightforward process to discuss your photography needs and budget.


Aerial Photography

Our Aerial View Photography uses drones to take stunning, high-resolution photos of real estate properties. This service is perfect for real estate agents and property owners who want to showcase their properties in a breath-taking way.

Rental Properties

We offer professional real estate photography services to highlight the charm and potential of rental spaces. Our expertly taken photos showcase each property’s best features to attract the right tenants quickly.


Kosch’s Real Estate Photography specializes in transforming Airbnb properties into visual masterpieces. We capture the essence of each space with professional finesse, highlighting its unique charm and appeal.


Sarah from Towson
"I'm so impressed with the photos Kosch's Real Estate Photography took of my rental property. They made it look amazing, and I quickly found great tenants!"
Tom from Federal Hill
"Kosch's Real Estate Photography did a fantastic job capturing aerial views of my property. The photos really stood out and attracted many potential buyers."
Jessica from Parkville
"I highly recommend Kosch's Real Estate Photography for Airbnb listings. They transformed my space into a visual masterpiece, and bookings have increased significantly!"
Emily from Canton
"Kosch's Real Estate Photography exceeded my expectations with their makeup product photography. The images were stunning and perfectly showcased my products for my online store."
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